Welcome to the Training Potty, the website designed to take as much parental stress out of potty training as possible! Sadly, we can’t take it all away, but we can give you some pointers about some really effective¬† approaches to use, and how to get help if you need it.

What’s more, there are tons of resources out there, especially on the web. We’ve pulled together what you need to know, and have some recommendations of what you might need to look at too in your journey to leaving diapers behind for good!

As you probably know, there’s no single, simple solution for toilet training children, it’s actually going to be all about reassurance, persistance, reminders and positive guidance to help them learn about going to the little boy or girls room when the urge strikes.

Let’s be clear, there’s going to be a few accidents, and you’re going to feel frustrated. Remember though, the last thing your child needs is to feel pressure at this difficult time, so we’ll also be looking at ways to suppress that feeling of despair, at least until a little pair of ears are out of earshot!